VT Series Die-Changing Trucks

The VT-series die changing trucks for versatile and quick change action in the metal press and stamping shops

The VT series die changing , tool handling trucks is designed for handling press tools, die-molds and other sheet metal and stamping equipment as wells a plastic injection molds . Made for maximum efficiency and high volume production units.

  • VT 40, our most sold heavy duty die-changer with push-pull arms with full travel lenght in one stroke. No need for re-take when pulling out a die from the press.
  • VT 50, a larger model that can handle up to 50 000 kg die molds.
  • VT60, currently our largest die-changer with a capacity up to 60000kg, push pull arms with full stroke and all wheel steering. The VT60 can travel in 4 directions making it extremely versatile.




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