About Us

JBM Company Kalmar AB is a company founded in 2022, although with a vast experience from building machinery of different sort.
Founders and owner of the company are Mr Magnus Johansson, Mr Bengt Johansson and Mr John Nylander. 

Magnus had previously several rolls at Kalmar Motor AB as an owner, top management and CEO until October 2022 where Magnus together with his collegues and team built up Kalmar Motor AB to a world leading company in electric powered aircraft towing tractors.

Both Bengt and John have had leading roles at Kalmar Motor AB for more than 20 years. Bengt ,who is Magnus´s brother, has been Head of Design and John has been Workshop manager.

The owners have a long experience in developing and manufacturing aircraft towing tractors and industrial vehicles and together they have developed all Kalmar Motor products available from Kalmar Motor up until the JBM Company was founded.

JBM Company Kalmar AB continues with the special Industrial machinery and will base the future development on the vast experience from earlier projects.


We provide high quality products, spare parts and support with a personal touch.


We strive to enable our clients to have clear direction, focus and achieve success in all the areas of their business.